Hi, I'm Kelly.


I live in NYC with my wife and our 2 dogs. I talk about them a lot. I also talk about food, tv, LGBT rights, and my attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.


If running, recipes, gifs and gay rights aren't your thing, feel free to move along. It's a big internet and there's room for all of us.


DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are mine and in no way reflect my employer. Who is awesome. And should totally give me a raise.


As seen on the floor of our office bathroom today. AMAZING. New game tomorrow - who’s knocked up!?

  1. norlypleaseexcusethemess said: Let’s smoke ‘em out. Mimosas in the morning. Sushi for lunch. Happy hour anyone?
  2. red-bird-writes said: lolll oh my gahhh
  3. thebluehour said: That’s far better than the candy wrappers that used to litter my office bathroom. Who’s eating snickers’ on the can?!?!
  4. the--kel--smith said: Start a rumor that’s it you and wait for it to come back around!
  5. kimbaland said: omg, that is hilarious!!! what a fun game to play.
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