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I live in NYC with my wife and our 2 dogs. I talk about them a lot. I also talk about food, tv, LGBT rights, and my attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.


If running, recipes, gifs and gay rights aren't your thing, feel free to move along. It's a big internet and there's room for all of us.


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Last night I was looking through some old pictures - trying to find some motivation to get back to the gym. Between vacation and just regular life shit, it’s been 12 days since my last work out. 12!! Sluglife, y’all.

Below are the worst - the pictures that truly make me cringe. And no, the one on the left isn’t the dude from Lost - that’s me in 2002. Ugh. Looking at these just makes me so sad.

Then along came Lacey. She really inspired and encouraged me to quit smoking and take my health seriously. She always says she wants me around for a long long time and with the path I was on, I’m not sure how long I would have lasted.

But then I look at some recent pictures that actually show a little progress. Most days I feel like the road ahead is so long and difficult that I’ll never make it. That these last 25/30 lbs are going to be the death of me. But I’ve come too far to give up now. 

Lacey even pointed out that I’m so much happier on mornings where I go to the gym. I just need to try really really hard to pretend like that feeling is SO MUCH BETTER than, ya know, sleeping. 

  1. herblondness said: You look gorgeous in all but happier now. You inspire me.
  2. girlslikesandwichestoo said: Um you look great!!! So you know I never use tumblr but I read this and then I was like I miss Kelly, and then I just read old posts for like 40 min and I had so many comments but I just kept reading! Astoria day for real soon, send me your sept availability
  3. julie-sparkles said: Wow, Kelly! What a change. I know it looks like a “little” progress to you, but it looks fantastic. I’m so proud of you! You are kicking ass. I feel you on the motivation though, it’s hard to love exercise, even if it is good for us.
  4. coconutheadbetty said: hang in there!! you’ll find that motivation again. put it on the calendar, every calendar. you will feel immensely better afterwards. it’s always easy to not go. and i so look forward to your progress updates on your c25k challenge. and if you really need the…
  5. littlemiss-melly said: you look amazing, kelly!!! keep it up!!!
  6. nyclust said: omg! isn’t vacation the worst for staying on track? i was so good the first two days and then just stopped entering my food into my app because i knew it would not be pretty. you’ve inspired me to keep at it! thanks kelly!
  7. despetitesvictoires said: So have you gone to the gym yet today? Is it on the plan? =)
  8. 808enidan said: Keep up the good work - it’s ok to take a while off (I know I didn’t do SHIT this honeymoon…although we did do a 25mi bike ride..my ass still hurts). You’re doing SO great and are an inspiration to many of us!!! xoxox
  9. ohhelloholly said: go get ‘em, lady!
  10. emilyposts said: you already know this, but you have a good wife! use her as the motivation. you’re doing GREAT.
  11. annaverity said: I would not call that “a little” progress. You really look so different. And be proud of yourself! You’re probably fitter and healthier than a lot of people you think of as “in better shape.”