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This is the other vote I’ll be watching closely tonight.

I love my home state and have been so proud to see the huge push Martin O’Malley has given this cause.

A friend back home posted on facebook that she voted yes in honor of Lacey and I and I actually started to cry.

If you live in Maryland please do the right thing and vote for equality.

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    me too!
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    Was very proud to vote yes on 6 on my absentee ballot!
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    This makes me upset that Michigan sucks and went against this and it’s in our constitution.
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    I hope you and Lacey know that you were both very much on my mind when I cast my vote in favor of question 6. In fact,...
  6. haygirlhay said: So pissed to not be a Md voter for this one -_____-
  7. helms-deep said: We voted for it here in Washington. We love you guys! The tide is turning, my friend, and we pray that it continues to. HUGS!
  8. undercalicoskies said: Just cast my vote for! :)
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