Hi, I'm Kelly.


I live in NYC with my wife and our 2 dogs. I talk about them a lot. I also talk about food, tv, LGBT rights, and my attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.


If running, recipes, gifs and gay rights aren't your thing, feel free to move along. It's a big internet and there's room for all of us.


DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are mine and in no way reflect my employer. Who is awesome. And should totally give me a raise.


Only two chapters in and I’m already crying on the bus. I sense this is going to be a regular occurrence with this one.

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  3. isworeidneverliveinwisconsin said: I really liked Wild. I’ll be interested to see what you thought of this book.
  4. monkeychow said: That book is amazing.
  5. atnatnatn said: This is such an amazing read.
  6. annaverity said: I cry re-reading these. I cried while reading some of them out loud. Wait until you get to the one about when she was mentoring middle school girls. It killed me. And the kittens.
  7. lifeintheyellowhouse said: Currently reading too. And crying through several of the pieces.
  8. unintendeddestination said: Oh my god. I read half of this on a plane and actually had a sob come out. So good. So hard to read at times.
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